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Bismarck asparagus

Ingredients:( for 4 people)                                   

  • 2kg Cantello asparagus.

  • 8 Eggs.

  • 200g Butter.

  • 300g Parmesan.

  • salt as required.




  1. Peel the asparagus, wash and cut them at 18/20 cm.

  2. Tie them in bundles with string.

  3. Take a tall pot and put the asparagus on your feet.

  4. Pour the cold water up to half of the asparagus and add a handful of salt.

  5. Close the pan well to make sure the tips steam.

  6. Leave to cook for approx. 20-25min since the water boils and check the cooking by pricking the stem.

  7. Prepare the eggs to the bull’s eye with plenty of butter.

  8. Arrange the asparagus on the serving plate with the points facing inside.

  9. Cover the tips of the asparagus with the eggs, butter and plenty of parmesan.

  10. Serve on the table warm.

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