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History of the Mazza Giacomo farm



azienda Mazza - Asparagi di Cantello

Born and raised in the farming world, we have developed the passion for the cultivation of asparagus, Mazza’s flagship product. Revaluing the production of the precious vegetable, experimenting with new techniques, such as planting in rows and covering the ground with black sheets.

Over the years, the experience gained, the sacrifices, the patience and respect for the environment have been elements that have led to achieve quality excellence points recognized not only in the local area.


asp nuoviIn order to be able to taste the product for the entire year, since 2009 we have experimented with old and new family recipes, and with the help of a specialized agri-food company, a new way to preserve the asparagus after harvesting. After a careful processing we propose a line of asparagus in a vase: natural and sweet and sour asparagus, as well as asparagus and asparagus cream.

It is also possible to find dehydrated asparagus, risotto with asparagus, as well as asparagus marmalade.



As for the commercial aspect, we make direct sales of fresh asparagus and processed at the company (CAMPAGNAMICA point) and, as well as supplying restaurants, shops and supermarkets, we participate in trade fairs and agricultural markets.






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